Holistic Health Services Regardless Of Ability To Pay

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Kai-Zen Hospice Services Offered to You and Your Family:

Graphic Design

Physician Services

Registered Nursing Services

Medical Social Work Services

Chaplin Services

Volunteer Services

Bereavement Care for the family

Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical review of medication related to the life limiting illness

Pain Management Services

Medical Supplies and Equipment related to life limiting illness


Limited specialized professional services such a physical and respiratory therapy.

Patient and family education support

Respite Services

Inpatient & Referral Services


Answers to Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hospice

A hospice is model of care for individuals who have a life—limiting illness.  The model focuses, not on a cure for the patient’s life—limiting illness, but rather on palliation, emotional closure and personal peace for the patient and the patients family.  A hospice is not merely a form of service it is a way of thinking about life and death.

Who qualifies for the hospice services ?

Individuals become eligible for hospice services when a physician certifies that a patient admitted to hospice has a probability of six months or less to live.  Eligibility is not a function of the patient's diagnosis; rather it is a function of the patient's prognosis.



Where May a patient receive Kai-Zen Hospice Services?

Individuals who need and want hospice services may stay at home with friends or relatives: in a long- term care facility or in a hospital.

What if the patient should survive longer than six months?

Once the individual becomes a Kai-Zen Hospice patient, he/she continues to receive services as long as the services are required.  Services are not discontinued unless they are no longer necessary or the patient chooses to have them ended.

What happens if the patient changes his or her mind?

The patient may choose to discontinue and "re-elect" hospice services without consequence.


How often will the Kai-Zen Hospice staff visit the patient?

Kai-Zen Hospice staff will visit the patient and the family as often as necessary.  The frequency and focus of the visits is a function of the needs of the patient and the family. This is outlined in the hospice plan of care.  The plan is updated as needed, at least monthly, to reflect changes in the patient's condition.

What if the patient needs continuous care?

Once again, the function of the hospice is to meet the needs of the patient.  Should continuous care be indicated by the patient's condition, the Kai-Zen Hospice staff will meet those requirements.

How much does hospice care cost the patient and family?

Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers provide hospice benefits.  Almost everyone has some coverage. Normally, the patient and family pay nothing additional for hospice services.  Some privately paying patients may actually pay less.  Kai-Zen Hospice Services will provide services regardless of the patient's ability to pay

What if the patient chooses to return to his or her home from a health care facility?

If this is the patient's wish, Kai-Zen Hospice will make every attempt to help it become a reality. Kai-Zen Hospice would follow the patient to his or her home and coordinate the delivery of all needed services.